Critical industries are the primary targets of industrial espionage and cyber crime—protecting the industries is where SECROM makes the most difference

Protecting critical infrastructure and key resource sectors to boost competitiveness and security of the U.S. businesses

Critical Manufacturing

# Critical Manufacturing

The civilian and dual-use advanced technologies, such as in nuclear physics, hydrocarbons recovery, aviation, materials, nanotechnology, bioengineering, and other areas, require significant investment by nations to become or sustain competitiveness on global markets. The United States is a world leader in research and development of advanced technologies and a leader in the high-tech trade. Other nations are also looking to compete in these areas, especially if the area of research is expected to experience surge in investment and market demand. Companies and people that develop these technologies are the likely targets of intelligence organizations, cyber criminals, and potential targets in a cyber war. Reliable protection of communications is essential for protecting U.S. high-tech businesses and the intellectual property.

Secure Communication Solutions

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