Critical industries are the primary targets of industrial espionage and cyber crime—protecting the industries is where SECROM makes the most difference

Protecting critical infrastructure and key resource sectors to boost competitiveness and security of the U.S. businesses

Information Technolog

# Information Technology

The information technology sector is central to the U.S. security, economy, public health and safety. Information and communications are the backbone of nearly every other technology developed for civilian and military use. Businesses, governments, academia, and private citizens are increasingly dependent upon information technology functions. For instance, our railroads and power plants are controlled by the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems that enable industrial infrastructure management. A disruption of critical industrial control may have catastrophic consequences. Likewise, attacking a major U.S. company can devastate the public and the economy. Reliably protecting communications is the first step in preventing attacks on the U.S. critical infrastructure.

Secure Communication Solutions

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