Critical industries are the primary targets of industrial espionage and cyber crime—protecting the industries is where SECROM makes the most difference

Protecting critical infrastructure and key resource sectors to boost competitiveness and security of the U.S. businesses

Health & Pharma

# Health & Pharma

Protecting critical communications is essential for building strong national healthcare. The individuals and facilities that characterize the public health sector are by nature open to the public and thus vulnerable to terrorists. Since healthcare services, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment are now some of the fastest growing international markets with massive research and development investments, the possibility of obtaining information on a new drug research, and the growing need for medical care abroad are driving the interest of cyber criminals, competitors, and foreign intelligence services to U.S. companies. With these active threats and increasing use of mobility and tele-medicine, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies need communication services that offer reliable, long-term security.

Secure Communication Solutions

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