Critical industries are the primary targets of industrial espionage and cyber crime—protecting the industries is where SECROM makes the most difference

Protecting critical infrastructure and key resource sectors to boost competitiveness and security of the U.S. businesses

Banking and Finance

# Banking and Finance

The United States financial services sector is the backbone of the world economy. Therefore, it is imperative to identify and manage the myriad of financial and non-financial risks in order to ensure the continuity and efficient operation of the sector’s institutions. One of such persuasive risks is confidentiality of information concerning financial transactions and money movement. Competitors, cyber criminals, and foreign intelligence services seek this information as it empowers them with knowledge about trade actors, their operations and relationships. They may use this information to influence markets, destabilize the economy, or attack individuals and organizations. Financial institutions must minimize these risks by reliably protecting their communications, especially when doing business overseas.

Secure Communication Solutions

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