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SECROM UC Introduction
Explore what the SECROM Unified Communications (UC) solution is and how it works.
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SECROM Account Manager
This application provides convenient access to your Private Portal on mobile devices and enables SECROM advanced security services. Note: Must be installed for SECROM advanced security services to work).
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This application enables telephone (VoIP) calls and chat messaging on mobile devices. Note: Supports regular communications and SECROM advanced communication security.
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This application provides mobile email services on communication devices (email client), supporting corporate and private email accounts. Note: Supports regular communications and SECROM advanced communication security.
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This application enables text messaging services (Short Message Service (SMS)) on communication devices. Note: Does not support regular communications—SECROM advanced communication security only.
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SECROM Meeting
This application enables online conferences (virtual meetings) on devices where a web call is not supported. It also offers enhanced functionality. Note: Supports regular communications only.
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Join Conference
Lear how to join a conference call (virtual meeting) as an invitee.
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Moderate Conference
Learn how to join and control a conference call (virtual meeting) as a moderator.
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Screen Share
Learn how to share computer screen during a conference call (virtual meeting).
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Private Portal
Private Portal
Private Portal Getting Started
Learn about the features and services available in your Private Portal.
Reset password
Learn how to reset your password.
Change password and secret QA
Learn how to change your password and security question/answer in your Private Portal.
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Service Set Up
My Account
Learn how to modify your account information.
Provisioning Profile: Phone Line
Learn how to buy and configure your telephone lines.
Provisioning Profile: Email
Learn how to configure and provision your email accounts.
Provisioning Profile: SMS
Learn how to configure your text messaging services (Short Message Service (SMS)).
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Call Manager
Learn how to configure call forwarding and do-not-disturb features for each of your telephone lines.
Call Block
Learn how to block unwanted calls and messages.
Virtual Conference
Learn how to create virtual conference rooms and invite participants to virtual meetings.
Learn how to configure voicemail and check messages for each of your phone lines.
Learn how to invite other people that are not part of your organization to join SECROM communication network.
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Buy Security Keys
Learn how to order security keys that are required for SECROM advanced communication security.
Key Manager
Learn how to manage security keys (required for advanced communication security) in your Private Portal.
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Call Screen
Learn how to use an incoming call screen feature.
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Call Detail Records (CDR)
Learn how to access your detailed call records and billing information.
SECROM Security
SECROM Security Overview
Learn about the SECROM advanced communication security features and services.
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Security Key Installation
Learn how to install security keys on your communication device (required for advanced communication security).
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Best Practices
Device Configuration
Learn some of the practices of securing your communication device.
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Tethered Connections
Learn how to set up and communicate over a tethered network for enhanced security.
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Secure Communication Solutions

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