# Mission

SECROM is a software manufacturer, integrator, telecom and VoIP telephony service provider. The company develops solutions designed to protect U.S. businesses from threats posed by cyber criminals, competing corporations and foreign governments. Bringing the expertise in the information security and counterintelligence, SECROM delivers to U.S. businesses the benefits of technology and innovation. Learn more…

# Problem

Foreign governments and competing corporations routinely compromise communications of U.S. businesses and people that work or travel abroad. Unlike the governments, companies and individuals have no access to sophisticated technology and services that can protect them from a determined attacker with significant resources and skills.

# Impact

Inability to freely communicate influences business decisions, impacts organization's productivity, and creates competitive disadvantage. Intercepted communications can be used to jeopardize business missions, cause personal harm, and exploit security of others.


  • Enterprise secure communication systems and services for mobile employees and international offices.
  • Very long-term (unending) security of communications, regardless of the attacker's financial resources, current and future technology.
  • Built to protect businesses from conventional and unconventional threats posed by sophisticated criminals and foreign governments.

# Unending Security?

A message originally believed to be nearly impossible to break, becomes breakable some time later. SECROM features One-time Pad (OTP)—the only mathematically unbreakable encryption method that is impossible to defeat even with infinite computing power and time. Comparable and in some aspects exceeding the NSA's classified "Suite A" cryptography, OTP has been used to protect Washington/Moscow hotline.

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Secure Communication Solutions

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