Vernam Cipher Use Cases

Diplomats and armed forces around the world use Vernam cipher (One-time Pad) to protect communications that can cause "exceptionally grave damage" if made public. A famous example of the OTP use is the Washington/Moscow hotline—Electronic Tele Printer Cryptographic Regenerative Repeater Mixer II or simply ETCRRM II telex. It is not widely known, but OTP has been extensively used and is still used now for the most sensitive communications.

Some of the known examples of OTP cryptographic machines are: British BID-590 NOREEN and 5-UCO ciphers, American SIGSALY, B-2 PYTHON, TELEKRYPTON and SIGTOT, Dutch ECOLEX, Canadian ROCKEX, Swiss Hagelin CD-57 RT and CX-52 RT, Czech SD1, Polish T-352/T-353 DUDEK, German and East German Siemens T-37-ICA, M-190, T-304 and LEGUAN, as well as Russian M-100 SMARAGD and M-105 N AGAT. These devices are usually heavily guarded and used only by specially trained personnel.

Efficiently managing encryption keys has always been the largest challenge for One-time Pad adoption beyond the special diplomatic and military communications. Now, SECROM Unified Communications solution removes this complexity from users and administrators by fully automating the One-time Pad key management without sacrificing any of the OTP unbreakable security.



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