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Information security is not just about technology—it is people, processes, and technology working in synergy to protect assets of value. Information assurance depends directly upon computer science, cryptography, physical security, and administrative and operational security. SECROM works diligently to deliver the best secure telecommunication services in the industry. Though technology is not the only factor, it gives SECROM advantage over the most sophisticated attackers.

Besides a comprehensive NIST 800-53* compliant infrastructure, administrative and operational security, SECROM utilizes One-time Pad (OTP) secure communication method at the scale and level of automation that has not been done before. Also known as Vernam cipher or perfect cipher, OTP is the only encryption algorithm that is proven to be mathematically unbreakable and impossible to defeat—regardless of the computing resources and time available to an attacker. SECROM UC offers a suite of enterprise communication solutions that allows OTP-protected information exchange of “many-to-many,” unlimited number of participants. SECROM handles the OTP key management and operational challenges, and completely automates the complex processes without sacrificing any security of the OTP.

One-time Pad is a symmetric algorithm that requires each user to have a copy of encryption key. This is normally not feasible in the “many-to-many” communications. SECROM Unified Communications (UC) solution solves this problem by handling the key management between users, as well as transparent OTP-secured information exchange. In addition, SECROM UC supports other security protocols across multiple communication channels, such as: OpenPGP, TLS, DTLS, ZRTP, and SRTP.


* NIST 800-53 Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations



Secure Communication Solutions

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